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Sunday 14 June, 2009 at 1:50 am Ken 0

I decided to make the Fatal Politics web documentary videos because, at some point in my study of the Nixon White House tapes with the Presidential Recordings Program of the Miller Center of Public Affairs of the University of Virginia, it occurred to me that every voting age citizen of the United States needs to know how a President could prolong a war and fake peace for political gain. The videos incorporate the research I’ve presented at academic conferences, but they’re made for everyone 18 and older.

This blog builds on the Fatal Politics web documentary miniseries. It’s an attempt to correct/dispel/shatter myths that Nixon created about his exit from Vietnam, myths that persist in news media reports and political debate today.

I’ve written about the Nixon and Kennedy White House tapes in the pages of the New York Times Magazine, Washington Post, the Boston Globe Magazine, The American Journalism Review and The Hill and online for the History News Service, the History News Network, and Salon. Diplomatic History published “Fatal Politics: Nixon’s Political Timetable for Withdrawing from Vietnam.” 

What makes me happy is when teachers have students watch Fatal Politics, as these distinguished scholars have or told me that they plan to:

Prof. James G. Blight, Brown University
Richard M. Filipink, Western Illinois University
Prof. Mark Kramer, Harvard University
Prof. janet M. Lang, Brown University
Prof. Robert J. McMahon, Ohio State University
Prof. Chester Pach, Ohio University
Prof. Robert D. Schulzinger, University of Colorado at Boulder

If you teach with Fatal Politics, send me an email at kenhughes@fatalpolitics.com.

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